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1. I was skeptical about this pill at first. It has some active ingredients that can cause weight loss, even without any side effects on the body, which is even better. However, the product is stimulant free, there are no strong fat burners in it, so, I decided to try it without having too big expectations. Nevertheless, I am losing weight! I have been on these pills for three weeks, and I am one size smaller now, I noticed that my old clothes was too loose on me, my jeans were falling off me, so I went shopping for some new things that would fit my now slimmer body. My friends have noticed the changes, too. And, what's important, I don't keep any extreme diet. Yes, I don't eat big portions, but I eat whatever I like. I also drink green tea as recommended. This product works like magic for me, and I am glad that I did try it, because, as it is all natural, I don't feel any side effects, and can be sure that it is safe for my health.

2. I am on these pills, and I am losing weight, but this process is very slow. If you are looking for fast results, this might be not the best choice for you, but if you prefer natural products, you may prefer this to many other diet pills available on the market. It does not have any side effects, it is safe, but is not fast. I am less hungry now, I can restrain from eating late at night, which I couldn't do earlier, and I see that my extra pounds come off, just very slowly.

3. This product does not burn fat, it just suppresses appetite, which is also a good thing, especially for those who have already lost their extra weight, but are afraid to lose their shape again because of eating too much. This pill is safe, so you can take it for a long period of time, it won't cause any problems. It is excellent when it comes to preventing weight gain. But if you actually want to get rid of your fat, you will just waste your money on this.

4. I gained weight after giving birth to my 2 kids, and I wanted to get rid of this. I tried this pill, did everything as recommended, but with no result. I noticed that I felt less hungry, but my extra pounds refused to go away. Now I am on another product, it works. This one is a fake, and does nothing.

5. The advertisement alone is stupid. First, it says that this pill doesn't contain any stimulants and fat burners, and then it says that we are about to lose weight super-fast! Sorry, but this sounds ridiculous. What exactly will cause such a massive weight loss? Let us see what this product is made of. The ingredients are: Lagerstroemia speciosa l. extract (leaf) caffeine-free green tea extract, catechins, epigallocatechin gallate, caffeine-free oolong tea extract (as Camellia sinensis) (leaf) standardized for 15 percent EGCG, 25 percent catechins, 50 percent polyphenols, caffeine-free white tea extract, Chamomile extract (as Matricaria recutita), and Passionflower extract (as Passiflora incarnata). None of these ingredients is known for fat burning abilities, though some do suppress hunger, but this is the best you can get out of this pill. Only tea extracts can be considered as ingredients that may cause weight loss, but teas do this because they contain caffeine. Tea extracts listed above are caffeine-free. So, there is nothing in this pill to make you get thinner.


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