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- I bought this product and I lost 6lbs total. Unlike many other diet pills I tried, this one didn't cause any bad side effects, I felt well. After I'd stopped taking the pills, I gained one pound back, so I'm going to buy the product again, it works.

- These pills definitely burn fat! I used to take them a a part of my diet back in 2009 and I lost 15lbs! It is important to follow the instructions and to do everything that's recommended there, like drinking a lot of water and eating healthy food. I did this all, and the result was better than I expected.

- This product really helped me to lose weight without any side effects except for some occasional headaches in the evenings.

- I tried this product because I wanted to lose weight, but it is a total waste of money if you actually want a diet pill. However, it worked like a perfect laxative for me; I still have these pills in my medicine cupboard for this purpose, but if you need to lose weight, try something else instead. After taking the pills during a few weeks, I lost no weight at all. I give it 5 stars as a laxative, but 1 star as a diet pill.

- I don't think is a good diet pill - I've tried it without any special result. It's not really worth the money it costs, and doesn't clean your body like it should do. Well, maybe it works for someone else, but not for me. I did everything as recommended in the instructions.

- This is the worst diet pill ever! I actually gained two extra pounds when taking this! I would recommend staying away from this "weight loss" product and spending your money on something else. I'm very disappointed.


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